1. My child has never taken any Mandarin lesson. What is the right level to enroll?
Answer: If your child has never taken any Mandarin lesson, you have found the right school for them. We recommend to enroll age 5 or 6 years old student to Kindergarteners or Beginners level; and 1st to 3rd graders to level 1 where pinyin, Mandarin pronunciation, is taught formally to build up a good foundation. For older students, please contact us directly so we can work out a good program to meet your need.
2. We cannot decide which school to enroll.
Answer: You can enroll your child to any campus, even though your child does not attend that school. Keep in mind. Our enrollment is based on first come first serve basis. Usually, Beginners level or Kindergarteners level is full on the first day of the school. We recommend to send in the enrollment form(downloadable from 'PROGRAM' page) and a non-refundable deposit of $25 to reserve a seat. After schools start, you can move them from one school to another school and to the appropriate level.
3. Do you teach the traditional Chinese as in Taiwan or the simplified version as the one used in China?
Answer: We teach both. Textbooks for low levels contain both forms. Teachers teach traditional Chinese and mention their simplified form if applicable. So students are aware of both.
4. We have other questions.
Answer: Contact Thomas at (408)807-1088 or email: hwashinschool@yahoo.com