Our School

Founded in Palo Alto, California in 1995, Hwa Shin Bilingual Chinese School is a Federal registered non-profit (501(c)(3)) educational organization. The school's mission is to promote Chinese culture in the Bay Area (California) by providing a positive and fun environment focusing learning through experiencing, not simply just reading and writing. This opportunity is open to people of all nationalities who have interests in Chinese language and culture.

Our goal is to provide the merits of Chinese culture into American mainstream culture. Students of all ages from 5 years old and up are welcome to attend. School teachers, all native Chinese from Taiwan and People of Republic of China with Bachelor or Master Degree, are professional teachers with an average of 5 years of Chinese language and culture teaching experience in the Bay Area.

Unlike other Chinese schools, Hwa Shin Bilingual Chinese School teaches Mandarin to children whose families do not speak Mandarin. Parents are encouraged to attend the classes and are welcome to participate in the activities in the lower classes so they can help their child learn at home. It is also fun for children and their parents to work together simultaneously learning the language and increasing family bonding.

Students are grouped in classes based on their Mandarin knowledge. All classes are taught in a bilingual manner to allow the children to easily understand the course material. Using a well-known set of Children Chinese books, teachers add their own material to make the class fun for all. Besides listening, speaking, reading and writing, many different interactions are used in the class to enhance the lesson material.

Encouragement is our method of teaching. We have been very successful in our teaching by an evidence that our students who take Mandarin as a foreign language in Palo Alto high schools have achieve 90 percentile in their class, helping them to get into better colleges in their education.

For more information, please contact Thomas (408-807-1088).