2016 Success Stories

1. One student got to Chinese AP class at Palo Alto High.

2. Another student got 5 out of 5 in Chinese AP examine (sponsored by College Board).

Our observation is:
1. Student needs to commit to achieve it.
2. Teacher-parents teamwork facilitates the success.

What Parents Say About Our Chinese School

Susan S. says......

"I wanted to let you know that, after much deliberation, we have decided to enroll Anita in a Palo Alto Gunn High Mandarin program starting in the fall. She will be in Level 3; her ability to take that on is due in large part to the great instruction she got through her years with Hwa Shin, both at Fairmeadow and now at Jordan.
Thank you so much Thomas for running such a wonderful school - We are very grateful that our kids (both Anita and Jay) have had such a great opportunity to learn to speak and read Chinese through their classes with you. The teachers have been great. The big measure, in my mind, is that they have been positive about continuing each year to learn Chinese -- which is such a very difficult language to learn coming from a non-Chinese-speaking family!
I feel real sadness sending this email, after six years of wonderful experience with the Hwa Shin School.
Warmest regards to you and all the Hwa Shin teachers."

Helen says......

"Many thanks to you and Phyllis for a wonderful year. We are very appreciative of your dedication and efforts to convey to our children the importance and value of the Chinese language and culture. It truly "takes a village" to educate a child and we are grateful that you are part of Anyi and Anjie's lives.
Have a good summer,"

Cynthia C. says.....

"Our children attended a well-known Cupertino Chinese school for years. They did not make much progress in Mandarin area. This semester, we transfer them to Hwa Shin at Jordan. They really enjoy attending this program."