The Hwa Shin Chinese School , a unique and superior bilingual Chinese School. For over fourteen years, Hwa Shin has been teaching Chinese as a second language to students who do not speak Mandarin at home. Parents with diverse ethnic backgrounds from as far as Santa Cruz and Monterey enroll their children to the school to learn Mandarin and appreciate Chinese culture. This school is truly an international school, in name, in spirit and in fact.

The teaching methodology of Hwa Shin is different from others in that it is based on the principle of encouragement and reward. Competition among the peers encourages the willingness to learn. Progress is directly proportional to the willingness to learn. Hwa Shin places the students into classes base on the level of language proficiency. The placement can be adjusted with utmost flexibility according to regular reviews of each student’s accomplishment. Accomplished students are encouraged to advance or even skip to a level where they will continue to find challenges in learning. This practice has been very encouraging to accomplished students, and has been fully supported by the parents.

Hwa Shin’s teaching material is based on the Pinyin language system. Teaching material is chosen from daily life, common oral conversation, forming an inseparable bond with our daily living. At Hwa Shin, learning Chinese is not a workload, but is a self motivated enthusiasm. Hwa Shin adopts the guideline that from Kindergarten to level 5 is “learn traditional Chinese, recognize simplified Chinese”. After the level 5, the guideline is “learn simplified Chinese, recognize traditional Chinese”. This is to help the students to quickly adapt to different language environments in later life.

Hwa Shin’s has a team of teaching staff with outstanding quality. They are professional, lively, optimistic, and respectable. The teaching methodology emphasizes on encouraging student participations in the many activities in and out of the classroom.

Hwa Shin’s teaching staff comes from Taiwan, from China and from local teacher college graduates. Teachers engage in the continuous updates of the teaching material and teaching methods, a continuous effort to advance the students to the next level of bilingual learning.

Sing Tao Daily Newspaper