Tutoring Program

Classroom Mandarin is the simulation of the real world. Taking classroom Mandarin helps students communicate with their peers, enhancing their interpersonal skills.

Tutoring individually complements the classroom program where a tutor focuses on improving student's weakness individually, not possible in the classroom environment. The beauty of tutoring will bring up student's Mandarin to a higher level.


Learning a second language requires practices minimally twice a week. In addition to our classroom offerings, our tutors can teach different material to enhance your child's Mandarin

Tutoring can be done at the convenience of your home or via Skype.
Skype is an inexpensive modern way to learn a Language, without taking parents driving time. The rate is much less than the regular home tutoring rate.


Two level 5 students can speak and write Chinese at college level. They are now attending well known boarding high school with scholarship in New Hempshire

Recently, a student started learning Chinese at our level 1. After she completed level 7 program, she passed Mandarin 3 in a Palo Alto High School.

Please contact Thomas (408)807-1088 for tutoring your child.